Hansel & Gretel Escape Audioclip #4 | Brand New Story read by Vickie Jaehee | 한국인 영어유튜버 헨젤 그레텔 패러디


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Classic turned new and awesome! Check out Hansel and Gretel in their new forms! They pass the exam!

Hansel and Gretel are orphans who are under the care of the HEA agency. They want to enroll in the HEA academy where future HEA agents are trained. They have to pass the Entrance Exam to get in. In the great big forest where the exam is held, Hansel and Gretel face a bigger problem. How can they return home when they are trapped in a magical realm of food?


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Illustration by Chaico

Book Title Typography by Eric준형

Character Art by cindersart

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